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You know those “little mr and little miss” books by Roger Hangreaves? Well, you might not be able to tell from the first few photos, but little miss Adalynn was like little miss serious on this cloudy spring morning. We still managed to squeak a few smiles out of her, and better yet, some hilarious squishy nose faces. Absolutely precious in her pink ruffles and jeggings, just-turned-one year old, Adalynn was on the move! She was ready to explore this new place of Washington Park! A special friend was along for the ride; “Kitty” was quite the charmer. How could Kitty not find a place in my heart, when we have the long-lost counter part of “Doggie” at our house. Congratulations on the first year mom and dad! She’s a doll, sweet Adalynn. Enjoy.

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