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Welcome little baby boy Bennett, what a wonderful way to start the new year. When I first arrived for this session, I found Bennett sleeping soundly and quite comfortably on his daddy’s chest. This was more than surprising with the amount of hammering, sawing, drilling and miscellaneous construction noise ringing through the air within feet of his nursery. Mom and Dad are currently in the middle of a full home remodel and were basically sequestered to 2 rooms of what was left of their house; the nursery and master bedroom. Despite the disturbance, and in my utter awe, both parents were extremely calm and relaxed. Enduring a remodel while soaking up the bliss of a newborn; I’m thinking this deserve a round of applause! And kudos to this new mama who looks AMAZING just 10 days after giving birth and is rockin’ motherhood.

Bennett remained pretty sleepy while I was there, just as long as I kept him swaddled and warm, otherwise he wanted no part of what I was there trying to do. Once he was back in mama’s arms, a peaceful smile came over his face. Oh yeah, that’s right where he wanted to be. The quilt was his mom’s incredible first attempt at quilting, I’d say she’s a natural wouldn’t you?! The detail was impeccable. The hats were handmade right here in Portland, but ironically had just arrived that morning from family in Guam. And that unbelievably stunning headboard was handcrafted by the joinery of course; love them! All these details made for a sweet lifestyle session with unique backdrops and lots of personality. Enjoy.

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