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Finley, aka Zipper, has turned ONE YEAR! His hair is lighter and less full then when he was a newborn, but he’s just as precious as ever. Congratulations Tim and Eryca! Now Finn…go to sleep!! Enjoy. P.S. Eryca is a LMT and is amazing at what she does. Check her website to schedule on-line! Then head on over to my Facebook, pin these photos on Pinterest, or follow ACP on Instagram! Portland Baby + Family Photography01Portland Baby + Family Photography02Portland Baby + Family Photography03Portland Baby + Family Photography04Portland Baby + Family Photography05Portland Baby + Family Photography06Portland Baby + Family Photography07Portland Baby + Family Photography08Portland Baby + Family Photography09Portland Baby + Family Photography10Portland Baby + Family Photography11Portland Baby + Family Photography12Portland Baby + Family Photography13Portland Baby + Family Photography14Portland Baby + Family Photography15Portland Baby + Family Photography16Portland Baby + Family Photography17Portland Baby + Family Photography18Portland Baby + Family Photography19The End.


Oh, but wait! Just for fun….. Portland Baby + Family Photography20

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