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This new little guy is one tough cookie (as is his mama) and I can say that after watching him come into this crazy world! But he is also a squishy, yummy, butterball of sweet goodness too and here are the photos to prove it. Remmy was quite alert on this day and didn’t take to sleeping much with me, but that’s the beauty of newborn “lifestyle” photos, no sweat! Some adorable and downright hilarious expressions came out of it anyway. I just love how his older brother, Elliot, is already trying to make him laugh. Remmy’s a tough crowd right now, but you can tell there is already a bond between the two. Every time Elliot was near him, Remmy would immediately calm his breathing and body and look to get closer to Elliot. LOVE. Congratulations again to the Amspacher-Bittermann brood, you are one lucky lovely bunch! Enjoy.

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