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I’m glad I did get a little greedy after round One of the Holiday Mini-Sessions, because round two was just as wonderful! Well…ok maybe the weather wasn’t AS perfect, but a little rain never stopped Portlanders and it made for some creative ways to get around it anyway. I loved the combination of indoor/outdoor and the variety The Pinnacle Building (thank you Zeljka) and the surrounding Pearl District provided. Everyone was a good sport about going with the flow at the mercy of the elements, which I appreciate so much and THANK YOU clients! You guys are awesome, your children are hilarious and precious, and I am so thankful for each of you. We had some good laughs throughout the day, met some amazing new people, reconnected with past clients and learned A LOT (like next year I will probably be providing alcohol). Ha!

These sessions were 30 minutes in length and each client gallery was sent out with anywhere from 30 to 50+ photos to choose from, so choosing 6-8 each for this blog post was like asking me to choose between an all expense trip to Hawaii or a large sum of money in big bills…it’s nearly an impossible decision. Here is what I came up with. Enjoy, happy holidays, and warm wishes.

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Portland Family Photography01Portland Family Photography02Portland Family Photography03Portland Family Photography04Portland Family Photography05


L FAMILY | COLIN (7) GAVIN (4)Portland Family Photography06Portland Family Photography07Portland Family Photography08Portland Family Photography09Portland Family Photography10Portland Family Photography11


D FAMILY | CORBIN (4.5) HARPER (2.5) Portland Family Photography12Portland Family Photography13Portland Family Photography14Portland Family Photography15Portland Family Photography16Portland Family Photography17


Z FAMILY | LEO (ALMOST 7!)Portland Family Photography18Portland Family Photography19Portland Family Photography20Portland Family Photography21Portland Family Photography22Portland Family Photography23Portland Family Photography24


G FAMILY | LOGAN (5)Portland Family Photography25Logan was a little resistant at first (until the bribes were presented)…
Portland Family Photography26Portland Family Photography27Portland Family Photography28Portland Family Photography29Portland Family Photography30Portland Family Photography31



Portland Family Photography32Portland Family Photography33Portland Family Photography34Portland Family Photography35Portland Family Photography36Portland Family Photography37


M FAMILY | EMERY (7)Portland Family Photography38Portland Family Photography39Portland Family Photography40Portland Family Photography41Portland Family Photography42

Portland Family Photography43Portland Family Photography44


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