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Here are some of my favorite photos of sweet and precious twins, Cody and Carson (3). Enjoy.

Two faces to wash, and four dirty hands
Two insistent voices, making demands
Twice as much crying, when things go wrong
The four eyes closing, with slumber song
Twice as many garments, blowing on the line
Two cherubs in the wagon, soaking up sunshine
Work I do for twins, naturally comes double
But four arms to hug me, repay all my trouble.
Author Unknown

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Portland Children's Photography01Portland Children's Photography02Portland Children's Photography03Portland Children's Photography04Portland Children's Photography05Portland Children's Photography06Portland Children's Photography07Portland Children's Photography08Portland Children's Photography09Portland Children's Photography10Portland Children's Photography11Portland Children's Photography12Portland Children's Photography13Portland Children's Photography14Portland Children's Photography15Portland Children's Photography16Portland Children's Photography17Portland Children's Photography18The boys got naked and went in the water at the end of the session…that made them VERY happy!Portland Children's Photography19Portland Children's Photography20Portland Children's Photography21

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