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I know it probably seems like I say this a lot, but this was one of the hardest blog posts to compile photos for. There was SO MUCH cuteness to choose from, it was a struggle to narrow down just a handful of photos! You might remember the post from a few weeks ago about Noah and our awful attempt at a photo session . This session went WAY better! Yay! We did, however, start and end with umbrellas (again) and a very rainy day that didn’t give us much of a break. The Frerichs family is full of troopers though and everyone hung in just great (a little hot chocolate in the end helped a bit too)! These children rocked my world and heart, they are SO sweet and adorable and as you’ll see…superbly photogenic. Jack (5), Noah (3), and little Georgia (6 months) obviously get their good looks from mom and dad, who are just as wonderful and kind as their children. I really am so grateful for the doors that photography opens; that families like the Frerichs come into my life and leave footprints on my soul. It’s such a blessing. Happy Holidays to this special family…wishing you the pure JOY and PEACE that you all deserve! Enjoy.

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