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Dashing through the (no)snow, in a pair of rain boots through the mud…Oh what fun it was to photograph these great families on such a gorgeous sunny day! Hey!

Round One of the Holiday Mini-Sessions was so good to me, it was like I won the lottery and then got greedy, because I wanted to do it AGAIN right away! I am calling in a doozy to the universe, in hopes of similar lovely weather in two weeks from now, when TEN more families will join me for Part Two of the Holiday Mini-Sessions. I also felt like the richest woman in the world thanks to my clients! You guys are awesome, your children are adorable, and I am so thankful for each of you. Each client gallery was sent out with anywhere from 25 to 50+ photos to choose from, so choosing 4-6 to use in this blog post was like asking me to choose between chocolate chip mint and rocky road ice cream…it’s nearly an impossible decision. Here is what I came up with. Enjoy, happy holidays, and warm wishes.

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K FAMILY Portland Family Photography01Portland Family Photography02Portland Family Photography03Portland Family Photography04Portland Family Photography05Portland Family Photography06

B FAMILYPortland Family Photography07Portland Family Photography08Portland Family Photography09Portland Family Photography10Portland Family Photography11

A FAMILYPortland Family Photography12Portland Family Photography13Portland Family Photography14Portland Family Photography15Portland Family Photography16Portland Family Photography17

Y CHILDRENPortland Family Photography18Portland Family Photography19Portland Family Photography20Portland Family Photography21Portland Family Photography22

B FAMILYPortland Family Photography23Portland Family Photography24Portland Family Photography25Portland Family Photography26Portland Family Photography27Portland Family Photography28

C FAMILYPortland Family Photography29Portland Family Photography30Portland Family Photography31Portland Family Photography32

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