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I can hardly handle the amount of adorable between Sasha (2 1/2) and Morgan (6)! I know I always say it, but it really was tough choosing my favorites for this post. Devoted mama, Robin, nailed the coordination with everyone’s clothes and colors. Her parents joined us for the session, on this cold morning, as they were celebrating 50 YEARS of marriage and 50 years in their business, Panzer Nursery. Hear, hear to them! After being referred to me, Robin was the one who originally contacted me, but turns out her husband, Sam, and I went to High School together! I haven’t seen him in over 20 years (yes, we are that old) and he is still as nice as I remember him. I felt so fortunate to meet his family, his lovely wife, and his sweet daughters! I know I always say this too, but I really love my job. Enjoy.

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