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I recently read the book All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern ParentingAn enlightening book with humorous and scientific insight, allowing you to feel like the crazy you’ve become due to parenting is completely normal and reasonably explained. I think the title of the book is pure genius though and describes modern parenting so brilliantly. All Joy and No Fun. More specifically, I think the idea of “all joy, no fun” pertains perfectly to having a NEWBORN. The sleep deprived state of confusion in which you try to function at some *normal* capacity, the uncertainty surrounding what this 7-10 pound mini-me of deliciously soft flesh might have in store for you at any given moment, and the pain (!) oh the pain stemming from the demise of your breasts as the little beast tries to nurse, all the while you are sitting so uncomfortably on a blow-up doughnut trying to heal from the birth. Of course this is not a universally shared experience, we all have our own stories, but the adjustment period that comes after having a baby can be…challenging at times. “NO FUN” sometimes. AND…most always, “ALL JOY”. The miracle of new life never ceases to blow my mind. And the joy that comes from the smell, the breath, the wrinkles and the rolls, the gassy smiles, the fingers and tiny toes, the new skin and their weight on your chest reminds me of when the Grinch realized the truth about Christmas; the heart feels as if it actually grows 3 times the size, to the point of popping things all around it! It’s incomparable, unexplainable and incredibly powerful to say the least.

Julien was 9 days new when I met him. Up until then, he had given his mom and dad a little run for their money! Julien had been born with a lip and tongue tie, creating some issues with feeding and resulting in a little minor surgery, but was on the mend this day and slept most of the time. What a sweet, sweet gem of joy they have there. For their session, we had one room, one bucket, one bouncing 3 year old brother and very low light and I loved how it turned out! Congratulations to the Chung family. EnJOY.

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