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When I was working on editing this session yesterday, a friend of mine came down and saw a photo of mama, Annie, up on my computer. “Wow, she is really pretty”, she exclaimed. I agreed of course. As I continued editing today, I got to thinking….what makes her even more beautiful in my eye, is that she was so calm, patient, and was smiling pretty much the entire session. Even when Silas (16 mos) and Evan (3) were fussing, horsing around, or simply being crazy boys (and I can say that because I have a boy and they can be crazy at times), Annie kept her cool, she kept smiling, and laughed a lot. I love to watch those *PRO* moms in action because I always can learn more, be inspired, become aware of my own mothering and it’s strengths and weaknesses. How does she manage with these 3 gorgeous boys in her home?! It was apparent to me, with the affection they show her, they all love her very much. I sure got a kick out of Evan’s silliness, as he really wanted to ham it up for me, Silas’s furrowed brow, and both of them with those big brown eyes! Be still my heart. Enjoy.

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