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We took to the streets of Alberta, then a quick trek down to Fernhill Park, to capture Everett’s first photo debut at 16 months. With his sweet rosy cheeks and blue eyes, he’s quite the charmer and has an infectious laugh to boot! Towards the end of the session, Everett kept wanting to hold my hand as he was walking…he would take no other hand, not even Dad’s. I was thinking how adorable and precious it was until we all figured out that he is so smart; we were pretty sure he just wanted to hold my hand so that it wouldn’t be able to take any more photos! Here are just a few of my favorites (because there were so many). Enjoy.

You can see Alison’s maternity photos, from when she was carrying this butterball around in her belly, here (you’ll see my guess that it was a boy was correct). And of course don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook to keep current on posts, promos, and giveaways! Thank you.

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