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I loved everything about this session. I loved that the family arrived on the scene via bicycle (so Portland) and that the weather was just perfect and that the sun was shining just right. I loved the family and the location and that this was a session purchased through the Sabin School Auction. As I’ve always said…happy families make happy photos. Here’s the proof. Thank you again to ALL my summer families that have been so patient and supportive while life has taken me for an unexpected ride of a lifetime. We encourage sharing on Facebook, pinning photos on Pinterest, or following ACP on Instagram. Enjoy.

Portland Family Photography01Portland Family Photography02Portland Family Photography03Portland Family Photography04Portland Family Photography05Portland Family Photography06Portland Family Photography07Portland Family Photography08Portland Family Photography09Portland Family Photography10Portland Family Photography11Portland Family Photography12Portland Family Photography13Portland Family Photography14Portland Family Photography15Portland Family Photography16Portland Family Photography17Portland Family Photography18Portland Family Photography19Portland Family Photography20Portland Family Photography21Portland Family Photography22Portland Family Photography23Portland Family Photography24Portland Family Photography25Portland Family Photography26Portland Family Photography27

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