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Did you get a new camera for Christmas? Have you been wanting to learn how to better use the camera you got LAST Christmas? Is your New Year’s Resolution to improve your photography skills? If you answered yes, please reserve a seat in my upcoming “Light, Camera, and Snap!” Digital Photography Class.

This will be a 4 hour workshop teaching students how to gain full potential of their cameras and take better photos of children, pets, products, etc…(due to the nature of my work, a majority of the focus will most likely be on photographing children). We will focus on concepts you can easily put into practice, just by understanding lighting, composition, perspective and age appropriate techniques. Participants will walk away with a bound beginner’s guide and several quick tips for common situations which will help improve your photos immediately…just by taking time to assess light or change the angle.

Topics discussed will include:

Must Reads in Your Camera Manual 
Moving away from “Auto” mode to Manual 
Perspective (including lens selection) 
Finding the Light 
Pulling it All Together 
Great Photographs at Any Age 

There will be some Q&A time and some hands on photographing time.

For this workshop we recommend using a DSLR camera. You can also use a point-and-shoot camera which has manual mode. That way you can choose your own settings and have more creative control over your photos. Most digital cameras are welcome, but you must have and bring your manual as well. A limited amount of working knowledge about your camera is required.

However!! If you don’t have a camera yet, no sweat! A camera is not required for this class. Yay! There is a HUGE selection and range of quality in cameras and equipment out there. This can be an overwhelming and very personal choice, not to mention quite an investment as well. One of the first topics we will cover in the class happens to be cameras and equipment. You will receive a plethora of information on it all. I will have a couple extra cameras available for participants to tinker with at the class. That being said, I do LOVE my Nikon.

Pro Photo Supply in NW Portland is an amazing resource for assistance on purchasing your first camera. And better yet, you can RENT cameras and equipment from them to try before you make your purchase. Please contact me with further questions or let me know if you want to do the class and we can chat about options and what the best fit for you will be.

There are only 10 seats available; email me today to reserve YOUR seat and for additional information. Contact me here!

Sunday, April 26th 
9:00 am – 1:00 pm 
$179 per person (due upon reservation) 
Location TBA 
Light refreshments will be served

This course curriculum was specifically created with beginners and hobbyists in mind. This material does not discuss the business side of photography and is not intended for [aspiring] professional photographers. It is designed for teaching dabblers, parents, pet owners and hobbyists who want to learn how to take better photos of their children/pets/products/etc, in everyday situations, in between having their professional photo sessions. If you are an aspiring or beginning professional photographer, please contact me directly to asses if this course would be a good fit for you.

This is going to be so fun!!



Holy Hard Choices Batman! It took me forever…

Buddha baby Oskar at six months + two and a half year old sister’s, the Nilah Jo Show, for your viewing pleasure… So much LOVE, so much JOY, and one gorgeous FAMILY. I love these people! Enjoy.

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Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography01Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography02Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography03Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography04Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography05Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography06Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography07Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography08Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography09Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography10Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography11Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography12Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography13Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography14Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography15Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography16Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography17Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography18Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography19Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography20Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography21Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography22Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography23Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography24Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography25Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography26Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography27Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography28Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography29Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography30Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography31Portland Baby and Fmaily Photography32