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These two little guys just turned TWO and are busier than ever! Actually…I should say mom and dad are busier than ever, with two toddlers and a lovely new home in Vancouver.  To capture this milestone time, they wanted to have some photos taken around their new house, so that’s what we did! Enjoy.

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Portland Child + Family Photography01Portland Child + Family Photography02Portland Child + Family Photography03Portland Child + Family Photography04Portland Child + Family Photography05Portland Child + Family Photography06Portland Child + Family Photography07Portland Child + Family Photography08Portland Child + Family Photography09Portland Child + Family Photography10Portland Child + Family Photography11Portland Child + Family Photography12Portland Child + Family Photography13Portland Child + Family Photography14Portland Child + Family Photography15Portland Child + Family Photography16Portland Child + Family Photography17Portland Child + Family Photography18Portland Child + Family Photography19Portland Child + Family Photography20Portland Child + Family Photography21Portland Child + Family Photography22Portland Child + Family Photography23Portland Child + Family Photography24Portland Child + Family Photography25Portland Child + Family Photography26


Baby Julien has reached the teething, sitting up (but not crawling yet – yay!), drooling, smiley, and squishy milestone of 8 months! So…we busted out his birthday suit and celebrated Amy Close Photography style! Yep. He’s a keeper alright (brother Oliver may not be so sure). Beautiful work mom and dad! Enjoy.

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Portland Baby + Family Photography01Portland Baby + Family Photography02Portland Baby + Family Photography03Portland Baby + Family Photography04Portland Baby + Family Photography05Portland Baby + Family Photography06Portland Baby + Family Photography07Portland Baby + Family Photography08Portland Baby + Family Photography09Portland Baby + Family Photography10Portland Baby + Family Photography11Portland Baby + Family Photography12Portland Baby + Family Photography13Portland Baby + Family Photography14Portland Baby + Family Photography15Portland Baby + Family Photography16Portland Baby + Family Photography17Portland Baby + Family Photography18Portland Baby + Family Photography19Portland Baby + Family Photography20Portland Baby + Family Photography21